10 creative podcasts you need to hear!

10 creative podcasts you need to hear!

With so many podcasts to choose from it can be overwhelming! So we have picked for you 10 of our favourite creative podcasts! They should certainly add some inspiration/ entertainment to your commute, washing up or dog walk.

All of the following podcasts can be picked up from a variety of providers but our favourite podcast app is Acast.

1.Stuff You Should Know

Stuff You Should Know takes an entertaining and informative look at a huge number of topics and has also spawned a few spin-offs such as Stuff You Missed in History Class, where you will find a few episodes on some of the painters we love the most!  Here is one they did on Frida Kahlo  And this one on Hokusai!

2. Tate

There are only 9 podcasts on here as yet but they are certainly goodies! Listen to the stories behind Monet and the Thames.  And Francis Bacon and Soho.

3. Distraction Pieces

The socially conscious street poet David Meads, aka Scroobius Pip talks to a dazzling array of interesting guests in his no-holds-barred style with in-depth chats on the processes behind their work amongst other topics. It was on this podcast that Goldie let slip the alleged true identity of Banksy! (whoops)

4. Ted Talks

Expert speakers from every topic come here to talk on every possible subject including creativity! Find your creative genius on this one and see here to unpick the mystery of where creativity comes from!

5. Creative Pep Talk

This one is great for creative entrepreneurs, freelancers or newbie creatives. This podcast with artist interviews and pep chats will give you a boost to get the art/business balance right!

6. Dear Handmade Life

This podcast covers crafts, DIY and the trials of being a maker. It even starts each episode with a cocktail recipe!

7. Radiolab

Listen to this particular episode on the science and poetry of colour, how it affects us and how we experience it differently from other species.

8 .The Start

A podcast by The Guardian about artistic beginnings and how that early work shaped them.

9. Art for Your Ear

A gossipy chat with artists on their work, life and stories.

10. Adam Buxton

Adam chats with loads of interesting artistic people with lots of sillyness and some serious chat too. Go along with him and Tim Key to the Courtnard Gallery to view some art in this episode 

Now we’ve inspired you with creative audio come and make some work yourself!

We are looking forward to seeing you unleashing your creativity on one of our many events.

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