5 Things You Didn’t Know About Leeds (but really should)

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Leeds (but really should)

Leeds is a fantastic place. It started off as a small borough in the 13th century, and through the production of trading and Wool in the Industrial Revolution grew into a booming market town. It’s now home to some 2 million people, and it’s full of secrets. But did you know….

1. Leeds was arguably “the original Hollywood”

Did you know that Louis Le Prince, inventor of an early motion picture camera, began his filming in Leeds? He filmed at Oakwood Grange and on Leeds Bridge all the way back in 1888!

2. Leeds Station is one of the busiest stations outside Central London

Only Birmingham New Street and Glasgow Central beat Leeds. Leeds sees some 25 million entries and exits each year, with an additional 2,600,000 interchanges!

3. Hippos used to live in Leeds

In 2010 The Guardian ran a fascinating story: that hippos used to roam Leeds.In 1851, a group of workman found a collection of very large bones in Wortley. These were identified as the fossils of the Great Northern Hippopotamus. Back when the hippos roamed the UK would have had a very different climate! Amazing.

4. Leeds is the home of Sooty and Sweep

Did you know that everyone’s favourite puppet duo, Sooty and Sweep, were invented in Guiseley by Harry Corbett?! They debuted on local television in 1952.

5. PopUp Painting is coming to Leeds!

We are very pleased to say that we will be coming to Leeds in August 2018. Brasserie Blanc is our first confirmed venue in the city. We can’t wait! Find out more.

We’re so excited to be coming to Leeds. Make sure to check our events calendar here, and sign up for future updates, offers and news here.


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