Artist Spotlight: Elizabeth Kennedy

Artist Spotlight: Elizabeth Kennedy

PopUp Painting’s ‘artist of the week’ is PopUp Painting team member and artist Elizabeth Kennedy.

Elizabeth Kennedy is a London based artist who graduated from The University of Birmingham with a Creative Arts BA (Hons) in 2003.

The artist works predominantly in painting, working with acrylics, oils and watercolours. Kennedy’s paintings are figurative works, which mainly focus on the genres of portraiture and landscape. There is a strong sense of light in Kennedy’s work, which is handled with loose brushstrokes and bold colour combinations.

Elizabeth Kennedy also works across other mediums when embarking on projects and collaborations between different art groups. The artist herself notes that she is:

‘passionate about all arts and views creativity as a foundation of society, a key to building community and a vital form of expression of self and situation’.

For more check out the artist’s website, Facebook and Intstagram!

Like what you see? Come and paint one for yourself. Find Elizabeth’s artwork in our calendar! Here!

You can also catch Elizabeth Kennedy’s work all week on our Facebook and Twitter pages, but in the meantime here is a selection of our favourite works by the artist:


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