Boating on the Seine with Dogs!

Boating on the Seine with Dogs!

On Friday 18th May we’ll be at Brasserie Blanc painting Pierre-Auguste Renoir‘s famous Boating on the Seine.

The only way I think this Impressionist masterpiece could be improved is with dogs. Lots of dogs. So enjoy this list of our favourite water-loving canines! Tenuous link to Renoir’s original? Maybe, but as if that will stop you scrolling…

1. Candid Lake Doggo

We can only wish to be this casually epic

2. Furry Fashionista


I think she’s wearing Gucci’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection

3. Surf Champion

This dog is more balanced than my diet

4. Heroic Patriot

dog on a boat

He should run for President

5. Clumsy Canine

You tried your best doggo!

6. Sun Safety First

The glare from water can be harsh for dog’s skin and eyes too!

7. Just Keep Swimming

This dog has it’s doggy paddle down pat, now to try it in water

8. Driving Dog

Image result for dog driving a boat

I think I’d have to address this dog as sir…

9. Gone Fishin’

This dog is contributing to the household!

10. Smiley Doge

That is one happy pupper


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