“People are hungry for creative playtime” — 5 years of PopUp Painting

“People are hungry for creative playtime” — 5 years of PopUp Painting

On 12 April 2018 PopUp Painting will mark 5 years since its launch. In that time the company, which runs ‘social painting and wine’ events, has painted with over 17,000 guests across more than 1,000 events. The company operates across London, Birmingham and Manchester, with upcoming launches in Liverpool and Leeds.

PopUp Painting was launched in 2013 at the Soho Hotel, London, with the mission of “Unleashing Creativity” and “bringing art out of the classroom and gallery, and into the places people meet on an every day basis”. The painting and wine events, inspired originally by the growing trend in the USA, are led by practicing artists, who guide guests step by step while they get creative “wine glass in one hand, paintbrush in the other”.

Group photo from PopUp Painting launch in April 2013, Soho Hotel, London

Across more than 1,000 events since the 2013 launch the company has painted with over 17,000 guests. Commenting on the five year milestone CoFounder Gareth Shelton said: “It’s clear that people are hungry to unleash their creativity. So much of people’s daily life is spent at a computer screen, and creative playtime is really missing from people’s lives.

“Our guests are typically young professionals looking for something a little bit diffferent to do. It’s amazing to see people come away from an event — after not painting since school (if ever) — and say ‘wow. I didn’t know I could do that!’. That feeling is really infectious, and I think that’s what has enabled us to do what we do and grow so much over the past five years.

“Our message would be that with a little guidance and encouragement there’s no limit to people’s creativity”


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