Artist of the Week: Mona Hatoum

Artist of the Week: Mona Hatoum

PopUp Painting’s ‘artist of the week’ is Mona Hatoum. Hatoum is an artist born in Beirut to a Palestinian family, who now works and lives between Berlin and London.

Hatoum works in a diverse range of media, including installation, sculpture, video, photography and works on paper. The artist creates her work in a style that references minimalism, with the grid and geometric forms being consistently present in her practice. Hatoum’s work is heavily informed by themes of politics, gender, race and the individual’s role in navigating the conflicts present in the world.

In much of her work the artist transforms familiar, every-day, domestic objects into uncanny versions of themselves. The use of familiar objects draws viewers in to the work and evokes emotions of desire, revulsion, fear and fascination. Hatoum is reknown for having the unique ability to create work that is at once political and poetic.

You can see more of Mona Hatoum’s work all week on our Facebook and Twitter pages and in the below selection of our favourite works by the artist:


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