15 Tastiest Pieces of Art!

15 Tastiest Pieces of Art!

Food art glorious food art!

Food and art are some of our favourite things here at PopUp Painting! Here our some of our favourite pieces of art which are either made of food or depict food. You’ll be raiding the fridge by the end of it…

1. Veggie Heart Collage by Julie’s Kitchen

Julie Lee creates these beautifully patterned collages using fruit, vegetables and other natural materials.

2. Pop by @danikation

This account specialises in photographing their own brand of food art

3. Vertumnus by Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Image result for food man painting

Arcimboldo was a 16th century Italian painter who painted portraits made of objects

4. Sunflower Seed Portrait by @redhongyi

Image result for redhongyi sunflower seeds

Hongyi creates art using unexpected materials, like this portrait made entirely of sunflower seeds

5. Zesty Mower by @bigappetitesstudio

Christopher Boffoli photographs tiny humorous figures interacting with real food

6. I love you with my Ford by James Rosenquist

Rosenquist was an American pop artist who used food to look at the consumerist society of the 1960s

7. Cakes by Wayne Thiebaud

Thiebaud used bold colours and defined shadows to make his paintings look more like advertisements

8. Food art by @culinary_canvas

Image result for culinary canvas art

Lauren Purnell created Culinary Canvas to combine her love of art and healthy food

9. Fried Egg painting by Tjalf Sparnaay

This Dutch artist has been instrumental in the Hyperrealist art movement

10. The Basket of Apples by Paul Cezanne

The Basket of Apples by Paul Cezanne

Cézanne was a French artist and a Post-Impressionist

11. Double Mona Lisa (Peanut + Jelly) by Vik Muniz

The contemporary artist Muniz made this version of Andy Warhol’s Mona Lisa print from peanut butter and jam

12. Fruit Camera bu @dan_cretu

Related image

Cretu often uses food in his slightly surreal art pieces

13. Hyper-realistic food paintings by Luigi Benedicenti

7 Food Pics You Won't Believe Are Actually Paintings

Benedicenti is an Italain Hyperrealist painter who mostly paints sweets and pastries

14. Rorschach Food by Esther Lobo

Lobo’s food series titled Rorschach was inspired by the psychological Rorschach tests which are usually made from ink

15. El Banquete by Martin Satí

Satí aand his students used fruit, vegetables and small glasses to create this portrait of Michael Jackson


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