The 12 Best Easter Eggs from Across Europe

The 12 Best Easter Eggs from Across Europe

The custom of decorating eggs has a very long history.

Traditionally, colourful eggs are cracked on Easter Sunday to symbolise Jesus’ empty tomb and resurrection. Some branches of Christianity also give them up as a way of fasting during Lent, leading to a surplus of eggs at Easter. Here are some of our favourite Easter eggs from around the world!

1. Serbian

Image result for Sorbische Ostereier

2. Lithuanian

Image result for traditional lithuanian easter egg

3. Ukranian

Image result for ukrainian easter egg

4. Slovakian

Image result for slovak easter eggs

5. Norwegian

Related image

6. Greek

Image result for greek easter eggs

7. French

Image result for traditional french easter egg

8. Polish

Image result for traditional polish easter egg

9. Croatian

Image result for croatian easter eggs

10. Russian

Image result for russian easter eggs

11. Czech Republic

Image result for madeira eggs

12. Chocolate!!

Image result for chocolate easter eggs

We saved the best to last…


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