6 Most Romantic Paintings

6 Most Romantic Paintings

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Whether you’re already coupled up, looking for a new beau, or revelling in the joys of singlehood – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Around Valentine’s our events take a decided turn toward Gustav Klimt and Jack Vettriano – but they’re not the only paintings that scream romance.

Here are our 6 most romantic paintings

1. The Kiss, 1908, Gustav Klimt

2. Romeo and Juliet, Frank Discksee, 1884

3. Back Where You Belong, 1996, Jack Vettriano

4. Dance in the Country, 1883, Pierre-Auguste Renoir

5. The Lovers, 1928, René Magritte

6. The Surprise, 1718, Jean-Antoine Watteau


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