17 paintings that show what it’s like to be a uni student

17 paintings that show what it’s like to be a uni student

Everyone loves a good list of something don’t they? University can be a very special time in your life. There are some incredible opportunities to grow as a human. And also for being extremely silly. Enjoy our list!

1 –  When older students meet younger students! Yep, Freshers Week! A great big bang to your first week at uni. New life, new faces, new experiences. But mostly one big PARTY.

Archibald J. Motley – Nightlife

2 –  Making friends! Old friends and New friends, where would we be without them?

Louis Janmot – Poem of the soul

3 – Joining Societies! If  you have something you are interested in and have a proper geekfesting time over. Then chances are there is a society for it!

Medieval Minstrels

4 – When you are asked if you did the required reading! Errr… My dog ate them probably won’t cut it this time.

El Greco – The Nobleman with his Hand on his Chest

5 – Being in a lecture when hungry! Trying to hear the lecture but all you can hear is the grumbling bear inside you. Then realising it’s a toss up of eating your notes, or dying.

William-Adolphe Bouguereau -The First Mourning

6 – When debates get serious! Shut down the angry one who has murder in there eyes. Debates are suppose to be fun.

Jacques-Louis David – The Death of Socrates

7 – Moments of passion! Stealing some forbidden time for your love. Because A) You don’t want the rest of your new friends to find out. Or B) You should be catching up on that reading. Take your pick 🙂

Francesco Hayes – The Kiss

8 – The flat after the party! Realising the ruins of your home after what was the best night of your life, easily becomes the worst day of your life and a complete attack on the senses.

Peter Bruegel – The Trumph of Death

9 – That one friend who takes it too far! I’ll say no more…

Jacques de Longuyon, Vows of the Peacock

10 – When you have to get up early, but lie there thinking of excuses not too! Laziness is the key to success after all.

Philippe de Champaigne – The Dead Christ

11 – When you wish you’d stayed at home! There’s always someone who convinces you (probably the one who takes it too far) to go out! ‘It will be fun!’ ….Yeah … Right!

Jean Beraud – The Drinkers

12 – Feeling hungover most of the time! Party, Eat, Sleep, Repeat…

 Picasso: The Artist and His Muses

13 – Waking up to discover who you had a special time with the night before! If you are that way inclined of course.

Quentin Matsys – A Grotesque Old Woman

14 – Falling behind on work! Too many parties, secret loving distractions, equal to actually forgetting to do your degree. OH the despair!

Vincent Van Gogh – Old Man in Sorrow

15 – When you’ve spent all your money! Living life as a human away from your parents can be hard. Boohoo! Next time don’t buy that dulux super size pack of beers #sorted  😉

Nigel Van Wieck – Q Train

16 – When you’ve got to start thinking about what to do when you graduate! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!

Edvard Munch – The Scream

17 – When you look back on your student life! Time to say farewell and be a mature human. l’adure student discount. Adios waking up late. Farvel union parties. Let’s all raise a glass and say Bonjour to Student debt! But what the heck, it was a laugh!

Gerard Van Honthorst – The Happy Violinist with a Glass of Wine




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