YES! We do Graffiti events

YES! We do Graffiti events

You know our events by now, but if you don’t allow me to introduce us!

Since launch in 2013 we’ve had c.13,000 guests. We are the UK’s leading ‘social painting and wine’ events company, popping up in bars, restaurants and workplaces across London, Birmingham and beyond in the UK. Our events are artist led, and themed around masterpieces. The artist on the night guides guests step by step through an advertised piece, while they drink wine and have a fabulous time with their friends, family, partner or collegues…. However!

Our Street Art experiences are run a little different

They are engaging events where you will be immersed in the culture of urban street art. They take place outside and are led by an experienced artists in this field. Our Street Art Experience is a little less controlled. This allows our guests to have a raw sense of the graffiti scene and an oportunity to express themselves freely to unleash their inner Graffiti artist. Guests have fun with spray paint and by the end of the event appreciate the art of the spray can a bit more. The event is very social and the ‘bring your own booze’ option allows for a fun comfortable enviroment, even if you turn up by yourself.

But don’t take my word for it, have a look at these budding Graffiti artists!


Fancy a go? … YES!


SIGN ME UP! on Wednesday 16th August, Waterloo 6:30 pm start.


See you there! 



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