The Obby Takeover: How to become an Arts and Craft Wizard for Beginners

Obby has taken over the blog today to bring you this piece about the best tips for those people who would like to be more ‘arty’. Obby is a great new website where you can discover incredible courses and workshops all over London. So, Obby, take it away. Inspire us with your summery craft projects.

Thanks guys! We’ve put in some hard work trawling the blogs and pinterest boards to find the best tips and beginner projects for you all to boost you to Arty status. Because, let’s be honest sometimes you need a little push to achieve greatness. Whether that greatness be in the form of your first stitch or your first time using charcoal. We’ve got you covered!

 Buy a sewing machine


Photo Credit: www.independant.co.uk

Home sewing is coming back in full force, and having a strong grounding in sewing is a great platform to get you involved in a plethora of other arts and crafts activities. Therefore having a sewing machine is despite being an investment a necessity. Sewing machines vary greatly in price but there are many affordable options out there for the newcomer to the craft scene. See this breakdown to find the sewing machine that is perfect for you.

Take a painting class

More specifically take one of the amazing PopUp Painting classes. A one of a kind social creative experience, where you are guided by experts into creating a true work of art in the style of a famous artist. This course has the mission of inspiring the inner artist in everyone, away from the gallery and classroom, making it easily accessible for everyone. On top of that learn to paint with a glass of wine in one hand! Book onto the Picasso class here (one of our favourites!).

Make a photo album

A photo album is essentially craft royalty. Everyone loves photos, maybe not the taking of them but they sure are fun to look back at. Customising a photo album is a great craft DIY for beginners. Start by printing out some of your favourites, grab a big book (or a small one), choose your adhesive of choice; glue, washi tape, paper clips, etc. Then you can add snippets of text, get some good ol’ stickers in there and anything else your heart desires.

Learn to write in Calligraphy

Calligraphy, a beautiful impressive writing form. Always providing value to other art and craft makes. If you can get a hang of lettering you will always be a welcome guest at any wedding or dinner party – those invites don’t write themselves! What better way to get started than an intimate workshop designed to transform your handwriting into elegant artwork, hosted by the Village Haberdashery. What’s more is you will leave with the ink, nib, nib holder, practice sheets and letterform guides away to make sure you continue practising! Find out more about this class with Obby here!

Visit an art museum

Switch up Friday night drinks for a trip to the National Portrait Gallery, open until 9pm on Thursdays and Fridays for Late Shift. Experience the world’s largest collection of personalities and faces, from the late Middle Ages to the present day. Get inspired! Take notes, take pictures, take a tour! The National Portrait Gallery now has new  entertainment including talks, live music, films and art workshops. Lots to be excited about!


We hope this helps you on your road to Arts and Crafts success, or at least gets you thinking about what your next project might be…


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