Weekend events are here!

Weekend events are here!

It can be easy to fall into a predictable routine at the weekend, especially if you have had a demanding week at work. Which is why PopUp Painting is here to set things right. Make the most of your days off and discover the best thing to do in London and Birmingham on the weekend. That’s right folks, I did just say the weekend. PopUp Painting now have afternoon events.


So, naturally, whatever it is you fine folk get up to in the week. The only appropriate thing to do is to go out and get creative on your days off! That’s right! Better days have come to the PopUp Painting calendar. Grab your besties, drag your mother out of her slippers, or go out for a romantic stroll, and find yourselves popping up in London or Birmingham on a Saturday afternoon.

Afternoon Painting with Wine! London Bridge, Saturday 21 January

Almost Sold Out! (Afternoon) Paint Monet’s Waterlilies! Birmingham, Saturday 28 January

Paint Banksy! Birmingham, Afternoon – Saturday 18 February

Afternoon Painting – The Singing Butler! London Bridge, Saturday 18 February


All of our events can also be found on the events calendar here

Make the most of your WEEK, END it on a high! See you at PopUp Painting.



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