PopUp Painter Goes Wild!

PopUp Painter Goes Wild!

PopUp Painting events are led by qualified and practicing artists, who are experienced in teaching, events and leisure. Jayne Evans was a previous PopUp Painter, she also had quite an exciting year in 2016. Earlier in the year she took part in the Landscape Artist of the Year on Sky Arts. She was one of 50 Wild cards! Below, we were lucky enough to get a brief insight into a very exciting time.

Over to you Jayne…

The episode I took part in was filmed on 13th July 2016. I stayed overnight in Buckingham so I could be at Stowe house for 7.45 the next morning. The day started off lovely and sunny, that’s when I took the picture of me and Tai-Shan Schierenberg, then got progressively wetter throughout the day.

We also had to battle with the wind, which blew my easel over three times! ( I also stuck my thumb through the canvas when it fell on top of me but managed to patch it up and paint over it!) We had four hours to complete our paintings, with a break in the middle for lunch if we wanted it.

I wish I’d got around to the area where they were filming the main contestants but I was too busy trying to finish my painting. I was one of 50 wildcards, which meant that the winner of the wild card has a chance to join the main contestants in the last episode.

It was such a fun day out but also utterly exhausting, I’m in episode three, but you don’t see to much of me, it was quite a wide field where we set up and we were all spread out. I don’t usually paint ‘en plein air’ so it was quite an experience, it was great to meet all the judges and the other contestants.


Jayne Evans uses her subconscious as a major creative influence in her work, moving between beautiful, lyrical, dream inspired paintings and vivid, surreal, dynamic Pop Art. If you would like to see more of Jayne’s work then do check out her website here.




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