Artist of the Week: Guerrilla Girls

Artist of the Week: Guerrilla Girls

PopUp Painting’s ‘artist or rather artists of the week’ are ‘Guerrilla Girls’.

Guerrilla Girls are an anonymous group of feminist, female artists devoted to exposing and fighting sexism, racism and corruption in the art world.

Much of the groups work takes the form of billboards, stickers, posters, street projects and books that act as propaganda to highlight the lack of parity in the art world. Many of the works use humour to convey messages of frustration and the absurdity of such inequalities existing. Guerrilla Girls wear gorilla masks whenever making public appearances.

The group was initially formed by seven female artists in New York City in 1985, as a response to the Museum of Modern Art’s exhibition ‘An International Survey of Recent Painting and Sculpture’. The exhibition was the inaugural show in the MoMA’s newly renovated building, and was planned to be a survey of the most important contemporary art and artists in the world. Shockingly, the exhibition which featured the work of 169 artists only included 13 female artists. This prompted the artists to protest in front of the museum wearing gorilla masks, thus the Guerrilla Girls were born.

Once the group was well established, Guerrilla Girls started to comment on racism in art, as well as in film and wider culture. The group also expanded to