10 Creative New Year Resolutions!

10 Creative New Year Resolutions!

If there ever was a time where people can reflect on things and resolve to better themselves in some way, then each January would be the time to do it. Thankfully 2016 is almost over and 2017 is just around the corner and PopUp Painting have events booked through to February.

So if you have been trying to accomplish a creative goal or kick start a creative habit then let 2017 be the year you PopUp and paint!

1.Bring your life more colour!

Baby blue scarfs, bright yellow socks, I think not. Join PopUp Painting for a colour mixing Banksy and spice up your canvas with a Chilli Red sunrise!

2.Do something you think you can’t!

Afraid of a challenge? Not in 2017!  Make this the year when you branch out of your comfort zone and embrace new creative endeavours to discover your painting skills!

3.Team Member Gareth’s New Year Resolution

I’m going to cut out cake and chocolate and try to improve on my habit of underestimating how long tasks take.

4.Discover a new art movement!

Can’t tell your Pop Art to Impressionism? Not sure what Art Deco is either. Wonder no more! At PopUp Painting you can immerse yourself into an art genre completely right down to creating your own masterpiece to discovering a themed playlist!

5.Go out on week nights!

Thursday is the new Friday or so they say! Why not make Tuesday the new Thursday? Or better yet bring back Fun Fridays. You get the point I’m sure so grab your besties, surprise your husband, or treat your mother. PopUp Painting have events throughout each week in each month. So kick start your new year by creating mid week Wednesday your wicked night out.

6.Team member Annie’s new year resolution

I’m so bad at keeping sketchbooks. Maybe if I have a spare moment, I will sketch more and hopefully have a book that is ok by the end of the year.

7.Discover a new artist!

Don’t let Banksy be the only artist you have heard of in 2017. Broaden your artistic eye and feed your brain, book your next PopUp Painting and create a Van Gogh masterpiece! You can even get up close and painterly with some Lilies at one of our Monet events! If impressionist isn’t your thing then discover our contemporary artist Gordon Bruce and paint a wintry London scene.

8.Team member Tom’s new year resolution

I’d like to be more healthy and visit more galleries in the new year. London is full of inspiring things and it would be great to embrace it a bit more.

9.Treat someone to something different!

Nothing speaks volumes then giving a gift to your friend, husband, mother, or wife then a gift that shows how much you care. Sure the box of chocolates is great but an experience that is fun and unique is even better. PopUp Painting is not just a bunch of flowers, it’s a gift of creativity a chance to express yourself freely to share a memory with your loved ones. You can even buy gift vouchers so the receiver can decide what masterpiece they would like to paint! So when your stuck for ideas in 2017 pop up with us.

10.Bring creativity to your place of work!

PopUp Painting believe in the power of creativity, both as beneficial to our personal well-being and as vital to businesses and organisations to stay innovative and ahead of the game. We offer 3 different creative experiences that you can embrace in 2017! As much as you can have a girlie night out in London, De-stress at your work place and allow yourself some time to relax, socialise over some paint and wine!


We wish you a very happy new year from everyone at PopUp Painting and we look forward to painting with you all in 2017.




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