Give someone the opportunity to make a difference to their social life with a PopUp Painting gift voucher!

I don’t think anyone is confused about what gift giving should be. It’s not just about the gift but the thought behind it, the idea that someone took time out of their routine to consider you and what you like. That said! A gift card or voucher, is the most personal present there is. It’s the gift of freedom to buy whatever you want, whenever you want it. It’s the gift that says “We’re good enough friends or relatives that we don’t have to force it.”

So let me introduce you to our PopUp Painting Gift vouchers. They are a great way to share the gift of creativity with family members, friends or co-workers, and the great thing about giving our vouchers is that the buyer or recipient doesn’t have to be an expert at painting! The recipient chooses how their painting experience turns out by finding one of 30 events a month on the events calendar 

Whats that?… You got your girlfriend an ipad?

That’s great for her, I’m sure it means a lot. Nah! It’s just popular thingamajigs, it’s safe and empty. Gift cards are safe… Sure! But not PopUp Painting’s. They are brimming with possibilities and the guarantee that you will have a thoroughly great night out and end up with something you love at the end of the night to take home with you.

Our gift vouchers are for one or two people, for a Just Paint experience or a Painting & Prosecco experience. So what are you waiting for? Christmas, Birthday, a gift just to say thank you. Perfect for any occasion for that someone special in your life.

Find your gift voucher at our events or in our online shop here 


painting and prosecco for two popup painting gift voucher




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