Clapham Common Cat Takeover!

Clapham Common Cat Takeover!

If you are a regular commuter to Clapham Common tube station then you will know by now how many cats are now residents there. 68 to be precise!

But do not fear all you sorry lot with Ailurophobia. and please for those who adore the fur balls, (like me!) stay calm. Unfortunately you can’t pick these up and squeeze them. The adverts have been replaced with photos which feature stray cats from two rescue charities. Battersea Dogs and Cats Home and Cats Protection. There is even a poster which shows cats sent in by members of the public, who each donated £100.




Campaigners raised £23,000 on a crowd-funding website to give the station a makeover. The group, called the Citizens Advertising Takeover Service, or CATS for short have said they want to give passengers a break from the constant advertising on the underground. The idea was by Glimpse – a group of creatives and “cat-lovers” who want to use their skills to make “positive social change feel attracting to millions”. For me I think it is tiring seeing adverts all the time; What we should buy, how we should look. This idea is fantastic it looks amazing and it may very well help lost cats find homes.

If you need an excuse to go see the cats then why not Join PopUp Painting Tuesday 20th September at The Jam Tree (Clapham) for a night of painting and wine inspired and themed around Pop Art! No experience is needed to take part. With a wine glass in one hand, and a paint brush in the other, your night would be PAWWFECT!!




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