Ask a Stupid Question Day!

Ask a Stupid Question Day!

Ask a Stupid Question Day

Originally an unofficial American holiday, the date coincides with the last day of school in September. The day encourages students to ask more questions in classrooms.

OK! Lets roll with it.

Do you ever think to yourself. Am I a Painter? Can I paint? Do I know how to hold a paint brush properly? Can I mix paint colour together? Do I know how to make the colour green without using it straight from the tube?

If you have asked these stupid questions to yourself and mostly answered no. But you feel creatively inclined to branch out and unleash your inner Van Gogh! Then let me show you in 5 steps how asking yourself stupid questions like these could lead to a fantastic night out.

ask a stupid question infographic

That’s right! Asking a stupid question like, can I paint? will lead you to discovering your artistic side. Don’t be shy! PopUp Painting invites you to unleash your creativity with a glass of wine in one hand a paint brush in the other! No experience is needed to take part. Leave your painting worries at the door. We provide all the kit and guidance you need to unleash your creativity! October is looking great so weather you are a Munch’s Scream or a Van Gogh Starry Night. Book your next event now!


N.B This quick Infographic was created by my hand, please do not judge my artistic ability on this alone. Thank you. 😉


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