Cono Sur Wines recreates their new wine label with PopUp Painting!

Cono Sur Wines recreates their new wine label with PopUp Painting!

At PopUp Painting we believe in the power of creativity, both as beneficial to our personal well-being and as vital to businesses and organisations to stay innovative and ahead of the game. Which is why our corporate events are such a success!

On the 9th of June we were very excited to have had Cono Sur wines pop up with us and a guest artist Eliza Southwood who specialises in printmaking. Cono Sur had commissioned Eliza to produce a new wine label for Pinot Noir the official wine of the Tour de France. The Wine will be available soon and has been advertised widely. (You may have noticed the huge posters on the underground).





Eliza took over as an artist facilitator helping Cono Sur create the wine label she had produced for them in this PopUp Painting experience! Fun was had by all and masterpieces were created.

PopUp Painting provide a variety of events to help your work team develop their creative skills and to achieve their personal and organisational potential. We can offer the Social Painting experience along with Collaborative Canvases! Not forgetting our new unique Street Art Graffiti workshops as well. As a Pop-Up company, we can operate anywhere that suits you. Whether that’s in your office, a bar or restaurant (which we can find for you!), and whether that’s in London or beyond.

If your work place is looking for some excitement or something different to explore your creative talents then looks no further, PopUp Painting is the place to be!




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