Best Friend Day!

Best Friend Day!

Yes, I’ve done it again, I bring you another crazy fun holiday to celebrate!

Best Friend day has been dedicated to the 8th day in the month of June! That was this Wednesday people! Did you do something with your best friend?

Best friends are the best. They’re the people who you can rely on through thick and thin. The person who you can confide in with your most inner darkest secrets, good or bad. They are their to help you smile and laugh all day, everyday with for no reason at all. No matter the distant between you and your best friend you know they will always be around, right?

Well what better way to share a creative moment together than with a wine glass in one hand and paint brush in the other. No experience is ever needed to come along to a PopUp Painting.

Whether you grew up with them or met them later in your life, let your best friend know that you cherish them on Best Friends Day, and every other day of the year for that matter. We hold events across London, St Albans and Surrey, and now even in Birmingham! The events calendar is full up with themes from Banksy to Van Gogh to Street Art! You are literally spoilt for choice. So spoil yourselves and cherish another fun night out with your best friend, book your event now!

PopUp Painting Babycakes laughing smiling

Let’s face it, without best friends, life would be very bleak indeed.



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