National Look-alike Day!

National Look-alike Day!

Yes this does exist, April 20th to be precise! There are millions and millions of people in the world, and there are always going to be people who resemble us in some way or another. As far as finding them goes, that may be impossible. The population is too big. So our closest best bet is to celebrate National Look-alike Day! The unofficial public holiday with unknown origins encourages us humans to dress up and look like someone else. This person could be someone you look up to or a celebrity you are a fan of or why not, painting like someone?

PopUp Painting have many events where you can definitely imagine you are a masterful painter!

Paint like Banksy!    Paint like Monet!    Paint Pop Art!

All of our events will immerse you in an entertaining creative fun night out! Celebrate National Look Alike Day by fixing your hair and makeup like a Picasso artwork? Select any artist and dress up like them or even one of their paintings. Find your best Van Gogh outfit and come paint a starry night!

Whatever event you choose, have fun with National Look Alike Day and post your pictures of your social painting night out on social media using #popuppainting.


PopUp Painting aims to bring art out of the classroom and the gallery and into the places where people meet on an everyday basis. Bringing social painting to London, we pop up in bars and restaurants right across London, Surrey and St. Albans. With public events, corporate events and private parties, and with themes from Banksy to Van Gogh, our events require no experience and give people a chance to have fun unleashing their creativity. Wine glass in one hand, paint brush in the other. Our painting and wine nights are one of the most creative things to do in London! 


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