PopUp Painting brings you street art!

PopUp Painting brings you street art!

PopUp Painting now brings you an exciting new art event!

Join us for a unique experience creating your own Street Art in the famous Graffiti Tunnel near Waterloo.

Starting April 15th Leake Street will come alive with curious minds for a immersive approach to street art. The 300 meters of Leake Street are full of constant changing art. It’s also known as ‘Banksy Tunnel’  as Banksy was instrumental in getting this tunnel its legal status after using it for his “Cans Festival 1& 2” in 2008. It’s a great place to paint when it’s raining as there is plenty of cover to protect wet paint from splashes. That’s right! You will be painting outside, using specialist spray paints and be coached to create your own street art! You will also be led by an artist with 15 years + experience in this field.

Sounding great so far? Booking is now open.

The workshops will run for approximately 90 minutes. Guests will get to familiarise themselves with spray paint, learning different techniques on a practice wall for 30 minutes, before being split into two teams where you will spend an hour executing a finished design.

Did I mention we were outside in a tunnel? I do advise to wear warm clothes as the tunnel can be draftey in the colder seasons and to wear clothes, a coat and trainers, that you wouldn’t mind getting paint on. However, your hands are likely to be the worse, which we will provide essential equipment here, that will prevent you looking like you just swam in a pool of paint!

PopUp Painting’s Street Art event is an energizing activity, no experience is needed and we provide all the equipment and guidance to unleash your creativity! Surrounded by an inspiring environment. See you there!





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