PopUp Painting’s colours!

PopUp Painting’s colours!

We’ve all seen that Skittles advert right?… ‘Grab the rainbow, taste the rainbow.’

You won’t be tasting any rainbows of paint at PopUp Painting, not matter how scrumptious the paint looks on your palette (although it’s not toxic!). Grabbing the rainbow won’t happen either, sorry! Do you know how full your palette would be if we handed out the rainbow?! What we do hand out are a Red, Yellow and Blue. These, my dear readers, are primary colours and with these colour paints you can create the rainbow! (We also give you black and white).

Primary colours are any of a group of colours (RYB) from which all other colours can be obtained by mixing. Orange, Green, Purple are colours that can be acquired by mixing RYB together. These colours are called secondary colours, and mixing them will go on to tertiary colours. By using the black and white, light pinks, greens, blues and dark browns can be produced.

So you see what better way to experience a rainbow? Creativity is definitely endless with our rainbow at PopUp Painting.


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