The Super Power of a PopUp Painting Event!

The Super Power of a PopUp Painting Event!

Last weekend I went along to the London Super Comic Con event, where thousands gather to meet and greet their favourite comic artist, buy loads of memorabilia and ponder why cosplaying has become so popular? (Best to leave that discussion for another time). However, it got me wondering what is the super power and appeal for such events? I came to conclude that, it is just like deciding to come along to a PopUp Painting.

LSCC is an experience people are curious about, a subject that people want to explore. So a lot of people will take the time to go along to these conventions and most will invest their time getting to know every detail inside out so they can fully immerse themselves in the comic world. Be that a family of cosplayers or an artist/writer with aspirations of having their own comic published, or just even a fan. It’s the adventure of the day and the detailed elements of a comic e.g. artwork or story, that excites and inspires people to keep coming back.

Which is why PopUp Painting is so appealing. Our aim is to make art accessible to everyone, it allows people the freedom to explore the art world, that is not in a classroom or gallery but in places where people meet on an everyday basis. There are no rules and all abilities are welcome to unleash their creativity at all our events, Based on that, just like at LSCC people are immersed in the experience of the event, through their chosen image based on a previous interest about painting art, the appeal of the artist or just wanting to have a different, adventurous, damn good night out. We haven’t had any cosplayers dress as their favourite artist or painting yet but I’m sure that will catch on… right?

So… when is your next PopUp Painting event?




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