A Van Gogh Experience For You

A Van Gogh Experience For You

If you’re a fan of the impressionist era and a particular artist, Vincent Van Gogh, then you may have noticed an image flying around lately on the interwebs. The Art Institute of Chicago have created a 3D replica of Van Gogh’s famous Bedroom painting, while also making the room available for rent on Airbnb for only US$10 a night. (Great, shall we go?) Van Gogh, was so determined to preserve the composition that he painted 3 versions of his bedroom. The second one of those he painted whilst he was staying at the Saint-Paul-de-Mausole lunatic asylum in 1889. It was at the asylum where he also painted a new study of a starry sky and a favourite here at PopUp PaintingStarry Night’.

The view of the painting has been identified as the one from his bedroom window, facing east. This painting, while painted during the day it is the only nocturne in the series of views from his bedroom window, for that Van Gogh depicted the view at least 21 times in all weather conditions, creating a bunch of charcoal sketches and ink drawings he could refer to in order to unite his work to create ‘The Starry Sky.’ At PopUp Painting we only have 90 minutes to create this wonderful master piece but it is definitely achievable! So here is a mighty fine idea! If you’ve booked yourself into Van Gogh’s room (or even if you haven’t) and are wondering how you can experience the views he had the pleasure of seeing, look no further. PopUp Painting could be your chance to immerse yourself completely. Pop along to unleash your creativity and then place all the excitement of it in your own room!




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