You can paint Street Art!

You can paint Street Art!

The infamous Banksy strikes again!

That’s right, there is a new Banksy. It has been created on a derelict building opposite the French embassy. Quick go see it before it goes!
Banksy, as we know him (or not), is a Bristol based stencil artist. His name, style and brand of urban-war, anti-establishment has earned him a legendary reputation. Here at PopUp Painting, it is no surprise then, that a Banksy night is one of our most popular events. We run many versions of his graffiti art:  from ‘Ziggy Queen‘ to ‘The Maid‘. ‘Flower Thrower‘ and ‘Girl with Balloon‘ are fabulous to paint.

‘Girl With Balloon’ was found in 2002 along a wall by some stairs, down the Southbank in London. It depicts a black and white image of a little girl, with a red heart shaped balloon. The words ‘There is Always Hope’ was written just behind her. It is said that the image represents, that no matter how tedious conditions are in life, hope is essential to continue on with living. The heart shaped balloon, is just out of reach for the little girl, but gives the possibility of love and happiness which highlights this idea of hope.

Paint Banksy Fred Perry Group Photo



PopUp Painting’s version of ‘Girl With Balloon,’ has been re-imagined by one of our team to make it more colourful. (It would be a pretty short event otherwise). We have a superb blast of colour for a background, hues of blues and purples blend with a dazzling shade of yellow. This contrasts with the deep black silhouette of the little girl and the grass which grounds her. And then there’s the intense red colour paint for the balloon.

All our various version combines Banksy original but takes it to a whole new level of creative fun!

If you fancy yourself a Street Art night, why not check out the calendar of events coming up! We look forward to seeing you.


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