My Role as a PopUp Painting Facilitator

My Role as a PopUp Painting Facilitator

Hey there! I’m Annie and I am an artist living in this wonderful city we call London. I am also a PopUp Painting facilitator (one of a team of eight artists). As artist facilitators we are responsible for guiding through your paintings and making sure you have a memorable creative experience. 

The best tip I can give to start your PopUp Painting experience is to begin at the bar. Yes! The perfect way to unleash your creativity is with a wine glass in one hand and a paint brush in the other. If you have got a drink at the table with you make sure not to get it confused with your rinsing cup! Several guests have got mixed up and either popped their brushes in their wine glass – or even worse – taken a swig of dirty paint water! It happens to the best of us.

When you take a seat you’ll notice that you’ve got all your kit. We make sure you have 3 different brushes, a decent amount of water for rinsing, napkins for wiping them a pallet for paints and of course a canvas! As well as guiding you through the painting, our job is to make sure you’ve got all the paint and materials you need to create your masterpiece.

No painting skill is necessary to enjoy our events and I love seeing all abilities come along! We do like to promote the message that you can come along and paint what you like. It’s great to see people blissfully paint their canvas to their hearts content. Those who are happy to follow along (as well as those who aren’t) are encouraged to ask questions and we do personally make our way over to assist individually. Amusingly, in a previous event for example, one of the team helped out a customer who needed to mix the colour purple. They thought they had already mixed it but couldn’t find it on their palette. Turns out the purple they saw was the table cover!

With a team of professionals on board, and a variety of characters who take part in a PopUp Painting event, you’re in the right hands for an evening of creative fun.


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