5 top tips for your PopUp Painting night!

5 top tips for your PopUp Painting night!

1.Come along.

You’ve booked yourself a fantastic night out, where the only decree is to bring your imagination and have fun. We supply you with painting aprons so the pressure is off! Dress to impress or wear your rags.

2.Be Thirsty.

If  you’re thinking about downing a few before your event, no need, we have got you covered. All PopUp Painting events are held in bars and restaurants (we have over 20 partner venues across London), which provide refreshments. Perfect for our ‘Drink and Dry time!’

3.Be Creative.

Our PopUp Painting events are matchless! They are all themed, but if a Banksy night is too uncool for you then we encourage you to paint whatever you like. So if unicorns on a unicycle holding 100 baby giraffes, take your fancy then the choice is yours. You can follow along with the artist facilitator or let go and unleash your creativity.

4. Have fun.

PopUp Painting is not an art class. We provide all equipment and a customized playlist to suit the theme for your event. It is immersive and social, and most importantly it’s your experience. So Indulge yourself in this art entertainment night out!

5.Revel in the fact you are now an artist.

Once your painting is complete and your canvas has been signed, your night is rounded off with a cheery group photo, where you can delight in the outcome of knowing you are just as good as Andy Warhol with your fellow PopUp Painters.


You can book your place for one of our events at www.popuppainting.com/events. Need some inspiration? Head over to our Facebook page and check out what people have created at our previous events!


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