5 things I Learned at Art School

5 things I Learned at Art School

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1. Anyone can make art: Art isn’t about being talented, everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) can make art, be it painting, drawing, sculpture etc., it just takes practice. In art school the people who achieved most weren’t the people with the most talent, they were the ones who stuck at it and put in the hard work.

2. Confidence is key: If you tell yourself you’re useless at something, you probably won’t make your best work. Believe in yourself (yes cheesy!) and more importantly enjoy the process!

3. Practice makes perfect: It’s like anything, the more you do it, the better you’ll get, and in turn the more confident you’ll get. Simple.

4. Learn from your failures: Not every artwork can be amazing; learn from it, improve and move on. Oh and don’t be too hard on yourself even Da Vinci had his off days!

5. Moral support really helps: Making art with others is a really good way to make the experience less daunting and more fun. At art school I learned more from my peers than the teachers because I was able to talk more openly about the work with my peers and learn from their experiences as well as my own.


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