Our #ArtistOfTheWeek, Hazel Adams

Our #ArtistOfTheWeek, Hazel Adams

This week we’re celebrating the work of Hazel Adams. Hazel joined the PopUp Painting team this spring. Having attained a rich range of experience in natural history and educational publishing, Hazel has carved a niche for herself by focusing on creating wildlife paintings that perfectly reflect her passion for the natural world. Aiming to inspire others with her charming illustrations, her quirky and loveable creatures never fail to engage all ages in their detailed realism and captivating character. As well as her work with PopUp Painting, Hazel is also an art facilitator for adults with disabilities for the charity Mencap.

We’ll be sharing her work across the week through our Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram, as well as our website, but in the meantime you should definitely check out her website: www.hazeladams.com

'Paloma' by Hazel Adams
‘Paloma’ by Hazel Adams


‘Rhinos’ by Hazel Adams


Extinct animals vancouver museum
Southern red-backed vole, California condor, and Cougar for the Museum of Vancouver by Hazel Adams
Chrysiridia rhipheus. World Encyclopedia of Butterflies and Moths -Anness Publishing.
Sunset Moth Butterfly by Hazel Adams
Turtle by Hazel Adams
Gone Fishing - herron
‘Gone Fishing’ by Hazel Adams
Lion cubs by Hazel Adams

You can see more of Hazel’s work at her website, HazelAdams.com.


Hazel will also be exhibiting (alongside Rebecca Hunter, Barbora Brezakova, and Hollie Slaughter from the PopUp Painting team) at the Crepe Shop and Art Cafe, London, between the 25th and 30th August. See the poster below for details!







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