10 things you need to know about PopUp Painting (in pictures)

10 things you need to know about PopUp Painting (in pictures)

 Below are 10 things you need to know about PopUp Painting, Buzzfeed style.


We provide all the kit at PopUp Painting events!








1. We provide all the kit. You don’t need to bring anything. Canvasses, easels, table covers, paint, brushes, pallet books, music, plastic beakers, napkins – even plastic bags for you to take your painting home in, we’ve got it covered!










2. Our events are not classes. Our events are social painting experiences for you to share with family and friends or even to meet new people. One of London’s best new great date ideas, we’re one of London’s most creative things to do. This is painting for fun!


PopUp Painting 2014











3. We’re all over London and St. Albans, with a growing presence in Kent and Surrey, and plans to expand even further. The purple markers show where we currently are, while the yellow show places we aim to be in very soon. By the end of 2015 we plan to stretch from Brighton to Nottingham, from Essex to Bristol.


Babycakes with PopUp Painting









4. We’re expanding – if you are an artist or venue looking for new opportunities, then get in touch. We’re keen to promote and patronise our partner venues as much as possible (featured: Babycakes in East Sheen). If you’re an artist who believes that art is for everyone, then you could be a good fit with us. We’re always looking for new artists, especially in Hertfordshire!


Team building with Comic Relief









5. We don’t just offer public events, but also private parties and corporate workshops. Whether you’re a business seeking to engage in CSR or in need of a team-building event, or a group of friends looking to celebrate a birthday or hen party, PopUp Painting can cater to you!


Paint Starry Night at Troyganic, April 2014









6. Our guests love our events. Most of our events receive 100% scores for enjoyment. Our themed events are highly energised and add some colour to your week! We don’t know why, but our customers keep returning and recommending us to their friends or workplaces for other events (see above). Don’t believe us? Check out what people say about our events.


Photo 23-07-2013 20 35 17









7. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never painted before/can’t paint. As point 2 stresses, our events aren’t art classes – they’re social painting experiences. Our events are led by a practicing artist, who will guide you through the advertised painting. Alternately, you can paint anything you like – but most guests say that being led through a certain picture makes it easier for them to try painting out. Regardless, our excellent team of artists and paint waiters will be on hand to help you as much as we can!


PopUp Painting & Cafe Art








8.We have auctions and fundraisers. 
One of the things that made our first birthday party so good was our fundraising for Cafe Art. Through an auction of some of the best artwork produced by our team of artists at events across the year and a raffle of art supplies and PopUp Painting vouchers, we managed to raise £320 for Cafe Art! If you’re interested in running a PopUp Painting event for fundraising purposes, we could raise you between £600-£1000 per event. 


11 aprons








9. We arrive early to our events… Driving around London in the early evening can be a bit unreliable, so we always give ourselves extra time. Sometimes we’re really stupidly early. But on occasion this has been very helpful. Our team’s only human, and we have forgotten some important kit once or twice… Imaging painting without any paint! Fortunately, being early gives us the time to re-stock, so no-one notices!


Lisa O'Donnell from the PopUp Painting Team










10. We like what we do. We pride ourselves on having a good corporate culture at PopUp Painting: empowering our team, valuing customer experience, and caring for our brand. Our events are lead by qualified and practicing artists (who are excellent!), and our leadership consists of highly experienced managers with experience ranging from health innovation to the US Air Force. We like what we do, and we care about doing it excellently.



PopUp Painting events are social painting experiences, giving everybody the opportunity to unleash their creativity. One of the most creative things to do in London, our events are aimed at people who aren’t artists who want to have fun trying something different. Perfect for friends, for colleagues, or great date ideas. This isn’t an art class: this is social painting! 






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