The French Impressionists at Le Pain Quotidien

The French Impressionists at Le Pain Quotidien

PopUp Painting were pleased to return to Le Pain Quotidien in Chiswick for a Matisse French Impressionist themed event. Guests painted their own impression of Henri Matisse’s ‘Femme au chapeau’ (Woman with a Hat). The colourful nature of this picture meant that all of the paintings were visibly different! A great way for non-artists to enjoy painting for the first time since school for many!

Henri Matisse said of himself that: “If my story were ever to be written truthfully from start to finish, it would amaze everyone.”. You can read about his life here. He painted ‘Femme au chapeau’ in 1905.

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Le Pain Quotidien provided guests with a deliscious buffet!

Photo 22-11-2013 20 13 55

You can find the rest of this event’s photos at our Facebook page.

Photo 22-11-2013 21 34 53

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