The Latest Craze in Art and Entertainment Hits London!

The Latest Craze in Art and Entertainment Hits London!

Unleashing Creativity!
15 April 2013

The latest craze in art and entertainment
has arrived in London!

Friday 12 April saw the launch of PopUp Painting at the Soho Hotel, London.

The private event was attended by over 30 guests who were facilitated to paint their own canvasses supported by an Artist, plenty of wine and music.

Most of the guests had never painted before or had not done so since school days. What they produced had observers’ gobsmacked! People could not believe that these were novice painters!
The guests were from a variety of backgrounds and included solicitors, analysts, managers, nurses and people from the leisure and restaurant trade. This is what some of them said about the event:

‘ I thoroughly enjoyed it… this will have very wide appeal’
‘ Brilliant.. what a great idea’
‘ I was nervous at the thought of it but the wine helped and everyone was so fun!’
‘What a great evening. I sat down to a blank canvass hardly knowing anyone a couple of hours later I’d produced a masterpiece and so had my new friends. This would be a great team building session!’

Founder, Phyllissa Shelton explains ‘The aim of PopUp painting is to bring art out of the classroom and gallery into places where ordinary people meet. It’s about having a go at something you fancy simply for pleasure, no experience is needed!’



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