PopUp Painting is looking for new artists in Hertfordshire and Cambridge!

PopUp Painting events are social painting experiences; making art accessible to everyone so that they can unleash their creativity. If you’re an outgoing, high-energy artist in Hertfordshire and/or Cambridge, PopUp Painting is looking for you! Enjoy part-time, flexible work as an art facilitator in our events in St. Albans and Cambridge. If you’re interested please […]

Celebrating the Sunshine and Pop Art with Lichtenstein

In celebration of the Lichtenstein exhibition recently at the Tate, we bring you one of Roy Lichtenstein’s  iconic images from his Retro Women collection. Lichtenstein (1923–1997) was influenced by Picasso and Matisse but in the 1960’s broke with the precepts of abstract expressionism and hit upon a new concept of painting inspired by comic strips, advertising and […]

Rider. St George by Kandinsky

Below is the painting Rider. St. George by Kandinsky who is considered to be the founder of abstract art and was a pioneer in this style alongside Picasso. Wassily Kandinsky 1866 – 1944 was a Russian artist; this painting was completed in 1911.

Behind The Line

Behind The Line

Good Luck to all those taking part in the Marathon this weekend! “Some people create with words or with music or with paint and a brush. I like to make something beautiful when I run. I like to make people say, ‘I’ve never seen anyone run like that before.’ It’s more than just a race, […]

The Latest Craze in Art and Entertainment Hits London!

Unleashing Creativity! PRESS RELEASE 15 April 2013 The latest craze in art and entertainment has arrived in London! Friday 12 April saw the launch of PopUp Painting at the Soho Hotel, London. The private event was attended by over 30 guests who were facilitated to paint their own canvasses supported by an Artist, plenty of […]

Painting is good for us!!

Painting is good for us!!

Painting and art are good for our wellbeing! We can express how we feel through the paint brush… we can dare to colour… relieve our stresses and unleash our creative energy! Applying the paint brush to canvas presents us with a unique opportunity for creativity and innovation. With our hand and eyes working together, the […]

PopUp Painting is coming to London!

PopUp Painting is coming to London!

PopUp Painting is coming to London! It’s the latest craze in art and entertainment sweeping across America and it brings art out of the classroom and gallery to the places where ordinary people like you and me go. PopUp painting takes place in local bars and cafes and it is not for artists – it […]

How To Live Life Free Of Stress An Interview With Joe Dimaggio

Stress! Everyone can relate to that overwhelming feeling. It creeps up on you at work, at home, sometimes even on your vacation. How can one impact this? How can one end the vicious cycle of stress? As a Senior Program Leader for Landmark Education, an international training and development company, I lead courses for hundreds […]