Grevy’s Zebra – Andy Warhol!

Grevy’s Zebra – Andy Warhol!

PopUp Painting are no stranger to Pop Art! Especially artist Andy Warhol!

Warhol was an American painter, film-maker and author. Born in Pittsburgh. Studied pictorial design at the Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh, 1945-9. He moved to New York in 1949 and worked as a commercial artist, being a forerunner in the art movement Pop Art


One particular piece of art that PopUp painting, embraces for our popular evenings is Grevy’s Zebra. This is one of ten coloured silkscreen prints, made by Warhol in dedication to a select group of endangered species at the time. These included the bald eagle, black rhino, African elephant, bighorn ram, giant panda, Grevy’s zebra, orangutan, Pine Barrens tree frog, Siberian tiger, and San Francisco silverspot.

The entire portfolio was painted in 1983. They were composed on Lenox Museum Board, and are 38 x 38 inches. In the lower centre of each painting, they are signed and numbered by Andy Warhol. These paintings are looked as as an entire portfolio and individually in comparison to Warhol’s creations of the Marilyn Monroe, Liz Taylor, and Muhammad Ali prints (the other screen prints he created that were instantly famous).

As an avid animal lover myself Art is a great way to honour and raise awareness of endangered species, and coming to a PopUp Painting event means you can unleash your creative side, knowing in a small way you acknowledged the Zebra just by booking this event.

Fancy creating your own Grevy’s Zebra? then coming up we have an event in Tooting on the 30th May, and if that date doesn’t suit you then June is full of even more fun! Painting in Notting Hill on the 2nd! and again in Canary Wharf on the 14th!






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