Artist of the Week: Banksy!

Artist of the Week: Banksy!

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PopUp Painting‘s artist of the week is Banksy!

Banksy is a ‘Bristolian’ artist, political activist, film director, and painter.

The graffiti artist is famed for his satirical street artworks which he creates using stencils. His works combine dark humour with political and social commentary, and are known to pop up anywhere around the world. Banksy’s graffiti works have become so well known and regarded in the UK that many local councils now protect them with a perspex covering. His work is also highly regarded within the art market and have been known to fetch hundreds of thousands at auction, even when still attached to the wall they were sprayed on to!!

As well as creating graffiti, the artist also undertakes guerilla style projects, from putting up his paintings in various museums around the world, to creating fake bank notes with Princess Diana’s image on them.

Banksy’s work is propelled by critiquing contemporary culture, which is why his work is so relatable and enjoyable to look at.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page and Twitter feed this week for more info about Banksy and his work. But in the meantime here are some of our favourite Banksy works:








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